Organic 101

Organic Since 1989

At Our Daily Wines we believe that how we nurture our bodies is as important as how we treat the earth. Since our founding in 1989, Our Daily Wines has been committed to organic, environmentally-friendly vineyard and winemaking practices. We are also devoted to crafting genuine, high quality varietal wines that are not only organic, but also vegan friendly, gluten free, and preservative free-possessing no detectable sulfites. Our Daily Wines are smooth and delicious, a pure expression of the vineyards in which they are grown.

USDA Organic vs Made with Organic Grapes

There is a significant difference between wines made with organic grapes and those that are USDA Organic Certified. The former means that the wines are produced with certified organically-grown grapes, but being USDA Organic means that in addition to utilizing organic grapes, the wines are produced in a certified organic winemaking facility. In addition, any ingredient used to make the wine – including yeast – is certified organic. At Our Daily Wines, we take that important extra step to ensure that from grape to glass, our wines are grown and crafted with no chemical inputs and no added preservatives.

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Organic 101

Our Daily Wines are USDA Organic Certified, which means we meet the strictest standards for producing organic wine. Earning this designation requires third-party certification of both the vineyards and the winemaking facility. Our non-GMO wine grapes are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or any chemicals deemed harmful to the environment. Furthermore, our certified organic winemaking facility allows for only minimal processing and prohibits the use of color, flavor or non-organic  additives and preservatives.

No Detectable Sulfites

Sulfites occur naturally in small amounts in a number of foods and also in wine. Winemakers add additional sulfites at various steps during the winemaking process to prevent oxidation and the growth of undesirable yeast or bacteria. At Our Daily Wines, however, we never add sulfites to our wines, and as a result of our care and processes, our wines are among the few commercially available which contain no detectable sulfites. We use natural, technologically advanced techniques to ensure freshness, resulting in wines that are the purest expression of the grapes and vintage.


Our Daily Wines are vegan friendly and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or dairy products. Unlike some conventional winemakers, we do not use fining agents such as egg whites, gelatin, casein (milk protein), or isinglass in the processing of our wines.

Gluten Free

Our Daily Wines are suitable for those on a gluten free dietary regimen. We do not use any grain-derived coloring or flavoring ingredients and our wines do not contain proteins that occur naturally in wheat, rye, barley or other hybrids of these grains.